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  1. How will this website help a Mipro producer or royalty owner?
    This website is intended to be used as an information and communication medium for oil and gas producers; owners of both royalty and working interest.

  2. What is the current or past production in my county, state?
    The Mississippi and Alabama oil and gas boards have both printed production summaries and websites with production information.

  3. What are the new well completions in my county?
    Southeastern Oil Review or its website will have a listing of new well completions.
  4. What drilling activity is proposed or presently being done?
    Southeastern Oil Review or its website.

  5. What bills are currently being proposed by MS and federal legislatures?

  6. What important events affecting MS and adjoining states are upcoming?
    Check events at Mipro, PTTC and IPPA websites.

  7. Who are the Chairs and other members of the MS House and Senate Committees?

  8. How to find current prices and buyers for oil and gas products in MS and adjoining states?

  9. How to find a complete list of oil and gas wells MS and adjoining states? By County? By State?

  10. How to find a particular well's history in Mississippi?
    Go to MS Oil and Gas Board and ask to see file, or in the near future, select well data - notably forms 2,3,7 and plats will be available through the Internet
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